Special Wood Base

This custom wood base is available for all Kanare_Abstract games. Add the feel and luxury of wood to your fabric board game play!

For manufacturing reasons, the material was changed from white oak to white ash in September 2022, and the edge design was changed to a simpler one. If you would like to have the former version, please contact me (note that the former version requires additional costs and a significant extension of production time.).

Price:¥3700 +Shipping

This product is made to order. It takes about 20 working days from manufacturing to shipping. If you want to get other items faster, please separate your order from this one (but you will be charged shipping for each order).

Due to the natural nature of the material, the color and grain will vary from product to product.

Do not use alcohol, thinner, benzene, or other chemicals. They may melt the urethane coating. Do not place the product in high temperatures or expose it to direct sunlight for long periods of time.