Tori Shogi Kickstarter late pledge

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Tori Shogi Kickstarter campaign ran from November 26 to December 16, 2022 and raised 709,829 yen. The campaign has ended, but you can still add late pledges and add-ons on this page.

For those who did not make it to the Tori Shogi Kickstarter campaign

You can still make a late pledge by clicking on the pledge button below. See the Kickstarter page for details on rewards and shipping. You can also add other our games as an add-on by clicking the cart button from catalog (top page) or individual product pages on this website.

For those who have already backed Tori Shogi on Kickstarter

You can still add more rewards and add-ons at the same rate as the Kickstarter campaign and without additional shipping charges. Choose the rewards you want to add from the Late Pledge button below, or add the products you want to add to your cart from the top page or the individual product page and pay for them. Please be sure to mention in the remarks section that you are a Kickstarter campaign backer. After you are verified as a backer, the difference and the full amount of shipping costs will be refunded to you manually, so that the rate is the same as the Kicksatar campaign. Any rewards or add-ons added here will be included with your Kickstarter rewards and shipped at the same time.

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