Saiju is a territorial game that uses three symbols of the traditional Japanese motif, Setsu-Getsu-Ka (Snow-Moon-Flower). In this game players try to make groups of same color on the board so that their own symbol occupies the majority. You can choose to place any of the nine types of pieces, but the location is determined by the black stones that players manipulate each other.

This is the author's own redesign of a game that was previously available from nestorgames.
The Kanare_Abstract version uses a board design inspired by Japanese textiles.

Rule Sheets(PDF)

Price:¥3200 +Shipping
Players:2~3 / Age:10+ / Playing Time:around 30min

WARNING : The product contains small parts. Do not give to children under 3 years of age due to the risk of accidental ingestion or choking. For other notes on product materials, please refer to Materials.