Change Log

2022/11/06 - Added information about BoardGameArena and to Digital Games.

2022/10/11 - Added Borderland and Ripples to the Catalog (Home).

2022/08/30 - Added Pentwall (Print & Play) to Other Games.

2022/08/29 - Added RosenKreuz to the Catalog (Home).

2022/08/08 - Added Generic Board "Checkered" SetGeneric Board "Parallelo" Set to the Catalog (Home).

2022/07/04 - Added Zong-HengBinaryIncorrect Checkers to Other Games

2022/06/14 - Added Lins of Fixation, RosenKreuz (previous notice), Queen's Guard, Morris, Pah-Tum, Circular Chess, Generic Board "Checkered" Set (previous notice) to the Catalog (Home).

2022/02/10 - Added Orochi and Tiptoe to Other Games

2022/01/09 - Added Iago and Special Wood Base to the Catalog (Home).

2021/11/14 - Added Unlace to Other Games. Added a valiant to Squish rules.

2021/10/10 - Website launched.