Generic Board "Hexagonal" Set

This is a regular hexagonal board designed for various abstract games. Printed on both sides, and can be used for games of various sizes with just this one (4/5 hexes per side on the front, 5/6 hexes per side on the back).

As an appendix, the rules for seven original games, Stoic, Stride, Squish, Unlace, Skirt, Node and Orochi which can be played on this board, are included.

Since the game pieces are of the same standard as Generic Board "Square", you can also choose Lite Set with fewer pieces or Pieceless Set.

Rule Sheets(PDF)


Components (Full Set):

WARNING : The product contains small parts. Do not give to children under 3 years of age due to the risk of accidental ingestion or choking. For other notes on product materials, please refer to Materials.

Options (additional pieces)

In addition to the above set, game pieces (generic game discs) can be added in units of one piece of each color. The price is 20 yen (approx. $0.15 or €0.15) per piece. They can be used in common with other set of Generic Board series. It is also possible to purchase only pieces.

After adding the pieces of the desired color to your cart, please manipulate the values in the cart to determine the number of pieces to purchase (the values can be written directly).