Digital Games

Some of the Kanare_Abstract games are available as digital games on the net for free. You can play them along with a variety of classic and new abstract strategy games by learning the minimum controls. If you register your email address, you can also play against other players in turn-based games.

Ai Ai

Ai Ai is a game engine programmed by Stephen Tavener. It can be used to play many classic and modern games against AI or other players. Thanks to Tavener's kindness, my games Saiju, Meridians and RosenKreuz (page in preparation) have been implemented.

How to install: Download the latest version from the download page and run it. Java 11 is required to start.
To select Saiju, click ''File'' ⇒ ''Choose Game (*mgl)...''. Open ''Combinatorial2020'' and select ''Saiju''. Rosenkreuz is included in ''Combinatorial2021''.


Ludii is a game system developed by Cameron Browne as part of the Digital Ludeme Project at Maastricht University. It has multiple AI and analysis systems, and can try out a variety of old and new abstract games.

In Ludii Meridians is implemented with the great help of Michael Amundsen.

How to install: Download and run the latest version of the Ludii Player from the download page.
To select Meridians, go to ''File'' ⇒ ''Load Game'' and select ''board'' ⇒ ''space'' ⇒ ''group'' ⇒ ''Meridians''.


Mindsports is a website run by Christian Freeling and Ed van Zon. Along with a number of Christian's games, the site features his focus on various abstract games by other authors and they can be played turn-based in a browser (or with some AI).

By the kindness of both of them, Meridians has been implemented on the page of ''The Pit''.