Kanare_Abstract is an indie label dedicated to abstract strategy games, founded by me, Kanare Kato, in 2021.

In 2020, I published my debut work "Saiju" with nestorgames, but it went out of print within a few months because the social aftermath of COVID-19 forced the company to change its publishing format.

So I decided to start a label that would allow me to publish my own games freely so that I could bring out Saiju to the world again, and the unpublished games that I had intended to approach nestorgames for publication. This is the first purpose of Kanare_Abstract.

The second purpose is to make the world of abstract games more widely known, as they are currently enjoyed only in a very narrow range and are known only to a few traditional games or popular commercial works. For this purpose, Kanare_Abstract will publish a series of generic board sets that allow you to try out various games in one set, in parallel with the original games.

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